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Integrate Sex & Gender Dimension in Research

It has become clear that sex and gender are two potentially critical factors of experimental design. In male and female cells (or organisms) strong differences can be obtained for behaviour and responses even on the molecular level. This influencing factor in research we call here the sex dimension. Also the behaviour of the male or female human can be very different, which we call the gender dimension in research. In the past, this realisation has often been overlooked and neglected, resulting in the report of data that either has not been segregated for sex and gender or is representative for only one sex. The IEO will coordinate LIBRA's centralised activities to first, raise awareness on the sex and gender need to be integrated into all phases of research, second, provide training, and third, engage the industrial sector into discussions how to integrate it to their research portfolio.



  1. Provide inspiration, knowledge, resources and network-wide activities for the GEPs in this specific area of intervention
  2. Raise awareness on sex/gender dimension in research
  3. Design and implement institute-spanning policies for the consideration of gender/sex analysis in experimental design
  4. Create and deliver training and teaching on gender/sex dimension in research
  5. Engage with national funding organisations to discuss the integration of gender balance to their research portfolio and its implications for financial and research strategy
  6. Engage with the industrial sector to discuss the integration of gender balance to their research portfolio and its implications for financial and research strategy



Workshop on Sex and Gender in Research and Experimental Design



Case studies - exemplars and expert opinions from basic biomedical research 



Case Study on Sex and Gender Dimension in Research - Video interview with Gian-Paolo Dotto

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