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Goals of LIBRA

The overarching goal of the LIBRA project is to increase the representation and participation of women in leadership positions in life sciences. 


Specific and measurable objectives of the project are:


  1. Assess gender inequalities in the partner institutes through qualitative and quantitative data collection

  2. Design and launch tailored Gender Equality Plans, which tackle specific challenges and barriers in each partner organisation

  3. Remove gender-barriers and improve policies and practices in recruitment, especially at principal investigator level

  4. Promote career development and offer training activities

  5. Improve work-life balance at the research institutes

  6. Raise awareness about the gender dimension of research, gather evidence and develop innovative training modules

  7. Set measurable and realistic targets and carry out continuous monitoring via indicators

  8. Disseminate the project results and reach out to other research institutions, industry, funding agencies, and policy makers