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CeMM - Research Center for Molecular Medicine of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

CeMM is a young, international, independent and interdisciplinary Research Center in Molecular Medicine, situated on the campus of the Medical University and the General Hospital in the heart of Vienna. “From the clinic to the clinic”: driven by medical needs, CeMM integrates basic research and clinical expertise to pursue innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The work of 13 research groups with about 150 scientists focuses on cancer, inflammation and immune disorders. The goal of CeMM is to assist in preparing the predictive, preventive and personalized medicine of the future, and to be a training and teaching center for a new generation of researchers in molecular medicine. According to a survey from “The Scientist” CeMM is ranked as the best European place to work in Academia 2012.

Lazarettgasse 14
AKH BT 25.3
1090 Vienna
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