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Scientists About Career in Science

Professor Ottoline Leyser
Professor of Plant Development and Director
Sainsbury Laboratory at the University of Cambridge 

Great series from EMBL-EBI series about entrepreneurs and leaders in genomics. Ottoline gives the advice that you need to do what you really like, what motivates you. It is true for your science but for any other professional field as well.

SIS Ottoline Leyser

Renata Basto
Group Leader of “Biology of Centrosomes and Cilia”
Institut Curie, France

What is important to consider if you want to do a career in research? LIBRA interviewed the group leader Renata Basto at the Institute Curie and she gives recommendations, especially for women.

Interview2 Renata Libra

Marni Halpern
Staff Scientist
Carnegie Institution, Department of Embryology, USA

What are the challenges of women in research, and what does research offer you regarding work-life balance? LIBRA interviewed the staff scientist Marnie Halper and she shares her own experiences.

LIBRA interview with Marnie Halpern