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Support Career Development

Although equal numbers of men and women set out to pursue a career in science, men are in the majority at Group Leader level. How can we support young women scientists who have the potential and ambition to become a leader in their research field? The Institut Curie will coordinate LIBRA's centralised activities to first, learn how to support career development of both men and women, and second, disseminate the gained knowledege to all participating research centres, and to the broader research community.




  1. Provide inspiration, knowledge, resources and network-wide activities for the GEPs in this specific area of intervention
  2. Gain insight into the reasons for career decisions of early stage scientists
  3. Write a handbook to facilitate a gender-aware approach for the evaluation of faculty members
  4. Raise awareness of gender bias through workshops for supervisors
  5. Improve career options through a career development programme for PhDs and postdocs
  6. Foster gender balance through role models and mentors
  7. Support equal career opportunities through a career network
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